Monday, June 27, 2022

No Yard? No Problem. Grow a Thriving Container Garden.

Spring has officially begun, and many of us are starting to get the itch for the scent of fresh flowers and the taste of homegrown fruits and veggies. If you’re interested in digging into some gardening but have never tried it before, are short on outdoor space or simply want to try a new planting method that requires less setup, container gardening is a great option.

When should I prepare and plant my container garden?

Now is a great time to begin looking for starter plants, as most garden stores, nurseries and Saturday markets will be stocked up this time of year.

However, when it comes to planting, you’ll want to wait until temperatures warm up at night to avoid exposure to frost. As a baseline, make sure your soil is at least 50 degrees F for cool season vegetables. For warm season crops (like tomatoes) wait until the soil is at least 60 degrees F. Typically, the Willamette Valley will see these temperatures around the end of April or early May. Although overnight frosts can still occur later in the year in other parts of Oregon.

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